🤠 Meme Bible is now Sold Out! Holy Meme Bible: New Testament will be released this November 🤠

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Holy Meme Bible is SOLD OUT!


yeah it's a pretty nice book

guy that made it (@eggrolI)

i was so happy when jason told me that he's releasing a book, until i found out that it was a coloring book about a frog

jason's mom

i can't believe i'm paying $10 for an outline of a sad frog

literally everyone


How Long Will Delivery Take?

Books will start shipping out the next day through USPS first class service. It will take 3-4 days for US based orders, and 7-14 days for outside of the US. 

What is the Book Made out Of?

We use 100lb Gloss Paper for the cover pages and 70lb matte paper for the inside pages. Because the pages are double sided, we wouldn't recommend using markers or water based paint. 

Can You Tell Us About the Rare Pepe Inside This Book?

There's a single page of a hand drawn, rare pepe the frog in this book. Unfortunately we can't disclose any more details about it, as it would take the fun away from discovering it on your own. 

What Are Your Mother's Thoughts on This Book?

Honestly, I didn't go into much details about this book with my mom other than that I'm selling a coloring book and I can help with paying the bills. She's not really questioning it either, so I think she's supportive of it. I'm not sure how I'd explain internet memes to her. 

What's the Gluten Free/Vegan/Organic Option?

There's absolutely no difference between the normal book and the special options. The extra $0.50 goes to pay for our coffee so we can stay up and ship out all the books.

If the gas station is 2 km away, and my dad can travel at 60 km/hr, why hasn't he returned from getting cigarettes for 6 years?

The gas station is 2km away going one way. Problem is he used Apple maps and it directed him the OPPOSITE way. The circumference of the planet is 39913.341 km and factoring in how slow vehicles go in the water it should be a few more years until he even reaches the store. The trip back is a whole other issue. If he comes back traveling against the rotation of the planet he might not actually ever get home.

Or assuming that your dad doesn’t use Apple maps, the only plausible answer is relativity. Time is relative according to Albert Einstein and your dad doesn’t want to be your relative. 

Why are you using dead memes in this book

aren't we all a little dead inside